Photography, Website Design & After Effects

Whether you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, portraits, or professional images of your business including products, restaurant or staff, I will provide you with an onsite shoot producing images that will excite you to share.   Along with portraits and food and beverage photography, I specialize in  non-traditional weddings.  As  I do not consider myself a  "traditional wedding photographer”  I’d like to think that it makes me more flexible and open minded when it comes to unique situations and environments.

From a design and ease of use standpoint I like to work with SquareSpace to create websites that work seamlessly across all platforms.  If your website is in need of a revamp, I would work with you to dial in a SquareSpace site that best suits your needs.  From experience I find that this platform is best for clients that would like to take on the responsibility of easily updating their site once the new design is launched, eliminating the need to call a designer everytime you need to make an update.  

If you work in the video world you may find yourself needing some motion graphics.  Maybe, you would like to animate your logo for a project or you need some lower thirds to make action items pop.  Using Adobe After Effects, I can work with you to design these elements from scratch or animate elements currently in your portfolio.